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Weighing towers

For the transfer of agri bulk commodities Marcor has available two floating weighing towers, the Bascule 2 and the Bascule 3; both of recent date.

The weighing scales were built by Precia-Molen and are very accurate in determining the weight; the scale is automatic with self-checking scales. Each year the scales are calibrated and an irregularity of maximum 1 pro mille is allowed.

Each weighing tower is equipped amongst others with efficient dust aspiration units, a total of eight per weighing scale, as well as sample takers, both automatic and manual. Efficient spraying against undesired substances is also possible.

The use of a weighing tower, does not hamper the production speed and in fact increases the trimming of the receiving vessel.

 Name Pontoon dimensions
 Bascule 2
 47,75 x 16,48 x 2,10 mtr
 19,00 mtr
 Bascule 3
 47,24 x 24,38 x 3,00 mtr
 19,00 mtr