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Storage facilities

A service provider in the physical handling of commodities cannot do without offering  storage facilities, so neither can Marcor! Despite Marcor being a floating terminal operator in dry bulk commodities, Marcor stores annually close to one million tons of dry bulk commodities, with peak stocks going up to 150.000 tons!

These enormous volumes are stored smoothly in our storage vessel and push barges. The storage vessel has a capacity of 28.000tons divided over seven fully separated compartments and the push barges, each a separate compartment with a capacity varying between 1.000tons and 5.000tons. These push barges can also be used to transport the commodities towards the final inland destinations!

In order to reach the storage compartment, no long conveyor belts are used, nor numerous transfer points to be crossed;  in other words, short  lines and minimal potential of loss and damage of degration of the commodity! The same applies for delivery into floating receiving craft, being, a barge, inland-freighter, coaster or ocean going ship!

The separate compartments in combination with the short lines reduces the risk of contamination to a bare minimum and can be considered a neglectable risk! Bearing in mind that your commodity is in a fully separated compartment, no other cargo will be transported in the roof top, like is the case in so many flat storage facilities!

When the commodity is in our custody, we ensure that temperatures are constantly monitored and upon request even humidity or other special aspects can be monitored!

Arranging storage the Marcor way  gives our customers the flexibility in collecting the commodity from storage. The blocking / delays in reaching the storage compartment due to other working ocean vessels is non-existent!

Each storage compartment is identified throughout the storage period and a track and trace system for storage is also in place.