Rules of behaviour

Rules of behaviour during your presence on the premises of Marcor.

Upon entering the Marcor site, please notify yourself to the Marcor staff. Follow the instructions of the Marcor staff at all times.

Smoking is forbidden.
It is not allowed to carry, nor be under the influence of drugs,  alcohol or alike.

When taking concentration reducing medication please inform the Marcor staff.

It is compulsory to wear at all times safety shoes,  safety vest, helmet and a life vest.

Make use of toilets.
Do not leave any remnants behind, please use the garbage bins.

It is not permitted to throw anything in the water and/or into the cargo.

Be alert at all times!
Avoid where possible the use of mobiles including headphones.
Avoid unsafe circumstances and areas.

Never enter isolated areas on your own!

Report any incidents to a member of the Marcor staff or alternatively call +31 10 299 21 21