Marcor Stevedoring will develop and operate a dry bulk terminal on the Steinweg Hartel Terminal

Marcor is planning to expand it’s floating terminal in Rotterdam with the development of a dry bulk terminal at the Steinweg Hartel Terminal. The terminal is currently operated as breakbulk terminal by C. Steinweg – Handelsveem B.V. (Steinweg), our parent company. Marcor targets from the end of 2023, after the redevelopment and construction of state-of-the-art storage facilities, to phase in sustainable and efficient storage and stevedoring operations at the site.

Expanding our business onto shore and offering new solutions to our customers 

Marcor already has the ambition for a few years to expand its floating terminal operations through the addition of a dry bulk terminal ashore. 

Our planned development at the Steinweg Hartel Terminal aims to provide our current and new customers with amongst others 

Key details of the development and the Steinweg Hartel Terminal include

A final investment decision for the development will be made latest end of 2022. The plans for the development of the terminal were made in dialogue with Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and Steinweg. 


Interested parties may contact for further information: 

Marcor Stevedoring B.V. 

Danny Swart - Director


Tel:     +31 (0)6 1008 5572

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam will separately issue a press release on it’s website.