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Loading and discharge

The core activity of Marcor is the loading and discharging of all types of dry bulk commodities, whether in large volumes or small parcels, in big bags or containers. Marcor is able to handle small barges up to cape sized vessels, whether in full holds or holds with various separated small lots of different commodities, with polypropylene or steel separations.

Our skilled and committed staff are able to handle it all in a swift and effective manner.

We can handle agribulks, such as soy beans, sun seed, rape seed, millet seed, or grains, such as corn, wheat, or compound feed materials, such as soy, sun, rape in pellet or meal form, as well as rice for human consumption, whether regular, non GMO or ecological.

In addition, minerals for use in either refractories, steel, oil, chemical, pharmaceutics  or energy sector are no problem either.  Apply this to fertilizers and all sorts of feed additives and include commodities such as biomass, salt, sucker, steel scrap and then the total Marcor commodities palette is close to complete. There is nothing that Marcor can not handle!

All these commodities are gently, swiftly and carefully handled in order to avoid the loss of product, or damage to the form or the shape or even degration of the commodity.

Our word is our bond and let’s get things done is part of our culture!

We challenge you to try us!