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When entering the Marcor premises, units or areas, you are thereby accepting our General Terms and Conditions as well as our rules of behaviour. These can also be found on this website and as far as the General Terms and Conditions apply, they are obtainable in our office or on the floating units. Should you not be able to locate same, please ask our staff for further guidance.

Prior to entering the Marcor premises, units or areas,  first register yourself with the office staff or the supervisor on duty.

When entering our premises, units or areas, you do so on your own risk.  Marcor can not be held responsible for whatever incident; unless gross negligence can be proved on the part of Marcor.

Ensure that you have the appropriate Personal Protection Means (PPM) and wear them at all times. Be always alert and very careful whilst taking care for your own safety, as well as others!

Follow the instructions of our personnel. The possession of, or being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines diminishing alertness is absolutely forbidden.

At random personal inspections can be held by authorized bodies, participation, when at our units or our areas, is compulsory.

Before visiting Marcor, please register yourself with the use of our registration form which can be found here.