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Emission Reduction System

Over a period of more than three years commencing beginning 2015 through to end of 2017, the emission of the Marcor 4 floating crane was reduced considerably. The emission of the Marcor 4 now complies with the very strict Marpol VI Regulation 13 Tier II. The present emission has been certified by an authorized body and accepted by the local environmental authority.

The Marcor 4 is the first floating grab crane to meet this regulation and has contributed enormously towards a better environment and better climate for future generations!

 Floating cranes Marcor 4
  gr/kWh gr/kWh gr/kWh gr/kWh
 Emission before ERS
 Emission after ERS
 730 0,5 5 0,3
 Savings 254 3,8 11 0,7
 Savings 26% 88%
 69% 70%