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All the Marcor floating grab cranes are of the Lemniscate type and are Dutch built.

All cranes are equipped with several grabs; for each type of dry bulk commodity the right grab is available; from light to heavy; from free  flowing till sticky products; for large and small vessels and compartments.

All the cranes have large and small excavators as wel as bobcats; all of which are of recent date and are well maintained on a regular basis.

Since the cranes do not have their own propulsion, they need to be pushed or towed from one place to another.

 Name Capacity
 Ponton dimensions
 Marcor 2
 36ts 58,10 x 24,10 x 2,09 mtr
 48,94 mtr
 Marcor 3
 25ts 38,00 x 20,80 x 2,35 mtr 43,00 mtr
 Marcor 4
 36ts 58,12 x 24,10 x 2,09 mtr 48,94 mtr
 Marcor 5
 16ts 40,18 x 20,22 x 2,15 mtr 36,00 mtr